The Team

We give only accurate, valuable and veridical information that are taken from authorized resources and share our experience based on real stories. Our professional and enthusiastic team provides you with good and interesting content. All of them are good journalists and excellent specialists at their fields.

Rebecca Farwell (Chief Executive Officer)

Rebecca Farwell takes control over the whole process of article writing and editing. She reviews its flows and decides how to build up and modify the productivity and contribution. Rebecca is responsible for engraining new methods of researching and getting reliable information for CordexPharma.

She joined CordexPharma at 2009 and become an inherent part of our community. She has already made a great impact while working on HealthTalk, New York Times, WebMD Health and Men’s Health. She was editor-in-chief at HealthTalk and Revolution Health. Rebecca was a graduate of Medical School Harvard and she is an MBA candidate at the University of San Francisco. He has an impeccable writing skills and he is on the way of presenting his new books “Useful Tips How to Become a Successful Editor” and “What skills You Need to Become a Leader”. Now she lived in New York with her husband and two children.

David Lee (Chief Content Officer)

David is chargeable for supervising the management and development of the original content on CordexPharma. He takes control over updating and editing the site’s information, makes research about breaking news and true-life stories. He prepares advertising materials and offers and he is closely connected with marketing and sale field. He worked as a writer and editor earlier.

He joined our Team in 2010 and achieved great results. He appeared many times on many TV shows like Addicted, Nurses Week, ER Nights and etc. He worked as Executive Vice President of Publishing at Remedy Health Media and Chief Editor at Men’s Health. He has already published 15 books and magazines about publishing and editing.

He graduated from Princeton University and got an AB with honors. He is an MBA from Harvard Medical School. He is really interested at marketing and gardening.

Jim Curtis (Editorial Director)

Jim Curtis came to us at 2009 as a senior writer. He has excellent writing and editing skills. His chief duties are to review the writing and editorial procedure and to make some development and management of original content for CordexPharma. He manages the team of writers and editors and help to solve the problems and encourage them. Jim is responsible for content production for advertising stuff and other sites.

He graduate from the University of California and got a BA in Rhetoric and Creative Writing. Before he joined us he worked as a senior writer on Healthline site and a content writer on He was writer for many famous sites as Everyday Health, Revolution Health and Women’s Health. Jim has been writing and editing for 15 years.