Managing the Side Effects of Tadalafil

Tadalafil is the active ingredients used in Cialis, the generic counterpart of Viagra. Recently, there are men who apparently took Cialis for the management of their erectile dysfunction who experienced hearing loss. While Cialis is a medication guaranteed to be effective in controlling the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, it is a prescription medicine that should be taken under the close supervision of a doctor. However, for the generic version Tadalafil no RX is required to buy the pill online in many Canada discount pharmacy. In the advent that there are too many Cialis that are sold online and can be purchased even without a prescription, it is not surprising to find some serious side effects to be occurring in men these days.

Among the rare but serious side effects when taking Tadalafil include priapism which is a condition of prolonged erection that could last longer than 4 hours, loss of vision on either or both eyes, and a sudden hearing loss that may occur with the symptoms of dizziness and ringing in the ears. The moment you experience any of these side effects, call a doctor immediately. Taking medications for erectile dysfunction should be accompanied with a prescription. The ingredient Tadalafil could cause other adverse effects when it counteracts with other medications or when it is taken in the presence of certain medical conditions like heart disease or liver or kidney diseases.

When taking Cialis, you should be under the close watch of your doctor especially in the first weeks of taking the medication. You should be able to report to your doctor any side effects that you may experience and the Cialis dosage may be adjusted accordingly. Not all side effects of Cialis can produce serious symptoms. Common are back pain, nasal congestion, indigestion, headache, pain in the limb, and muscle aches. Flushing is also occasionally felt in some patients. These symptoms usually temporarily occur and do not last long. But just the same you should report it to your health provider as he may find the need to adjust the dosage or to further evaluate how your body responds to Tadalafil.

As a note of precaution, you should never take Cialis when you are under medication with nitrates. These are a group of medications that are prescribed to relieve chest pain and symptoms of a heart ailment. The adverse effect could be a sudden drop in your blood pressure that could result in a medical emergency situation. It is important to know that Cialis is not always prescribed for all men with erectile dysfunction. Being aware of the contraindicated conditions will help you save yourself from experiencing the adverse effects of the medication. But the most important of all is to keep in mind that while Cialis is an effective medication for impotence, it is a prescription medicine that requires you to be evaluated by a competent doctor to determine if you are a good candidate for taking the medication.