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ViagraViagra is considered to be the most popular and effective remedy for impotence in drug selling history. When you come across the word Viagra, it is always attributed to erectile male dysfunction. So many have been reported about it but only a few managed to present the background and history of this miracle pill. It has a very interesting origin as the pill was only discovered by chance. Viagra UK provides many significant health benefits that opened the gateway of a new concept and perspectives with regards to sexuality of a modern man who manages to conquer erectile dysfunction.



Viagra was just a mere incident side effect to what Pfizer’s clinical researchers aim to develop as a pill that will treat angina problems. It was in the year 1991 when Pfizer employees were working on a specific compound believed to help relieve angina pectoris, a common symptom occurring among individuals with heart problem that manifests as chest pain. This chemical compound is pyrazolopyrimidinone that was undergoing some clinical trials but was later found to be with insignificant effect to angina. Originally granted with a British patent as Sildenafil as a medicine for heart disease, the clinical research phases produced futile results.

It was Pfizer employees Peter Dunn and Albert Wood who actually tried to put together the components used for Sildenafil in the year 1989 of whom the British Press gave due recognition for their participation in the development of the Sildenfil a.k.a. Viagra. But major credit was given to the Pfizer employees who diligently worked in the company’s English research facility namely Doctors David Brown, Nicholas Terrett and Andrew Bell as they were reportedly the persons behind the discovery of Viagra from the chemical compound pyrazolopyrimidinone.

Sildenfil underwent different phases of clinical trials primarily for testing on its effectiveness in improving angina pectoris in heart diseases. The pill was proven to be without or with very minimal effect against the condition but it produces a side effect that significantly increases penile erection. As Pfizer clinical researchers find it not promising to pursue their study on the pill, their attention shifted to the potential of Sildenfil as a solution for impotence. In 1996, Pfizer successfully acquired its drug patent for Sildenfil which was renamed as Viagra. The Food and Drug Administration in the United States granted its approval for Viagra to be sold to the consumer market in 1998 as an erectile dysfunction drug. It made history as the first drug for erectile dysfunction to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The three-man clinical research team composed of Brown, Terrett and Bell discovered the potency in Sildenfil. Terrett, whose name was credited for the patent grant to the pill as Sildenfil in 1991, was called as the Father of Viagra. Terrett gave the credit to his team of researchers and to other Pfizer employees who also contributed significant part in the breakthrough and development of the pill, especially to Wood and Dunn’s participation in putting together the chemical compound.
Terrett was named as the inventor of Viagra and was commended by the American Press. He was the one who discovered that Sildenafil can improve the penile blood flow, a process crucial in initiating an erection. This was discovered as an incident result of their tests for it for treating heart disorders. At this phase of the discovery of it, the clinical trial showed that the pill could enhance the relaxing effect of nitric oxide. This chemical is released during sexual stimulation and helps in facilitating the relaxation of the penile muscles which consequently encourages the smooth flow of blood into the penis thereby producing an erection. This eventually led to the enhancement of Sildenafil not as a pill for treating angina pectoris but as a pharmaceutical solution to erectile dysfunction under the patent name Viagra®.



Now, Viagra UK is made available to the British community to help resolve the sexual issues among impotent males in the UK. We are committed to provide comprehensive information about Sildenafil to the general consumers, setting aside any commercial marketing for the drug. We want to pursue our objective of delivering quality and rich information about the safety and benefits of Viagra together with its mild side effects to the general consumer to help them make informed and wise consumer decisions regarding this miracle pill. We support responsible health decisions among the general consumer and our primary concern is not to sell Viagra UK in the commercial market but to promote the valuable health information about it.



This part of the site is not intended primarily to promote or endorse Viagra UK to the consumer. The review is tailored mainly to provide neutral insights about Sidenafil, its health benefits and potential side effects. It is important to stress that Viagra is not for everyone. Individuals with underlying health conditions or under medications need precautions when taking the medicine. Viagra is a prescription medicine thus one should not take the pill without being evaluated by a physician if it safe for them to take.

One of the best things about Viagra is its ability to initiate penile erection through a natural process. It does not contain habit forming ingredients and its effect is only temporary. The effect of it is not immediate. In order to experience penile erection, stimulation is needed to begin the natural process of Sildenafil effect thereby promoting the intimate process of sexual interaction between couples. Just like in all drugs, Viagra does have side effects. Generally, it is safe to use but the moment you experience the symptoms of its side effects, you should consult your doctor immediately.



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I always prefer to take natural medicines for my health. When I was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, I asked my doctor to prescribe me natural medicine for my condition. He could not think of other medicine to prescribe me than Viagra and I am glad that he did. I owe it to the pill that I have more intimate moments now with my wife.

John K.

I was reluctant to try Viagra at first but I was glad that I did. It works well for me and amazingly I did not experience any of its side effects

Dillain G.

Viagra is a miracle drug. Now, I have reason to believe when they said that Viagra is a wonder pill. I have been impotent for 5 years and it has caused me strained relationship with my partner. But after years of taking different drugs for erectile dysfunction and found none that best works for me, I am so happy that a friend recommended it for me to try. Now my battle against impotency has ended, thanks to Viagra

James D.